Southcorp Realty

A real estate company specializing in designing, building and decorating residential and
commercial projects with the environmental art of Feng Shui.  
Juan M. Alvarez, founder of the company, is an engineer,  registered real estate broker and certified
general contractor in the State of Florida, with
over forty years of experience in the building, financing
and selling of residential and commercial properties.
Looking for income producing property?
Designing a new home, and would like to use Feng Shui?
Construction design in harmony with the environment.
We've been in the construction industry for over 40 years
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We certify residential and commercial projects during the design stages to follow the design formulas of
the classical schools of Feng Shui.  
We provide professional information and guidelines about Feng Shui designs to arquitects and builders.
The projects listed in the real estate section have been analyzed and are recommended as good Feng Shui
living spaces.
Feng Shui Engineering and Real Estate
Miami, FL  USA
786-533-3138   305-857-9157